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An Agnostic Platform for Detection of SARSCoV-2

  • No Sample preparation
  • Label free detection
  • Rapid Detection (<15 min)
  • Sensitive and Specific
  • Inexpensive test
  • No to minimal skill to perform the test
  • Can work with true unknown pathogen if Raman signature available in data base

Gateway Technology

The experienced team at Raman ID believed in a new technology for rapid testing, created to protect not only the individual, but the destination. Raman ID was created to be this new layer of protection, preventing disease from entering new destinations in the first place by ensuring that passengers are not carriers of communicable diseases.

Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

  • Molecular fingerprinting
  • Unique vibrational spectra distinguishes molecules
  • No photobleaching
  • Label-free and labeled biosensing
  • Multiplexed sensing
  • Femtomolar and beyond
  • Single molecule spectroscopy is possible

Proprietary SERS Substrate

  • Highly consistent SERS signal
  • Increases the Raman scatter in the order of 104
  • Flexible and rigid
  • Environmental stable
  • Low cost
  • large area of well-defined nanopatterns
  • high throughput multiplexing